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link tv, a world of creativity. >> syria is at the top of the agenda in munich. the israeli defense minister says that it is imminent. >> this is the world news, from al-jazeera. dozens of people have been killed in northern iraq after a suicide bomber attacked on a
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police headquarters. what is wrong with this picture? barack obama's shooting skills are on show as he plans to get tough on guns. back to the future, some people prefer to watch the world in black and white in britain. nearly 60,000 people killed in syria after two years, we finally might be looking at some diplomatic progress. for the first time, the president's chief ally, russia, with the help of the syrian national coalition, the foreign minister spoke to us on the sidelines of the security council meeting in munich. he says he wants to keep in regular contact with syrian opposition. iran is another staunch ally of the syrian president. after the 45 minute meeting,
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they talked about a way to remove the regime with the least possible bloodshed. there has been serious opposition to the presence of government subject to the condition including 160,000 prisoners. we will go live from munich, lots to talk about already. we have the defense minister weighing in with his own views. what did he say? >> that is right, syria has remained high on the agenda here on sunday morning. the conference heard from another key regional player, he told the conference that in his view the fall of a sought -- assad was imminent and would deal a heavy blow to his allies in the region, would be made to pay a price. he was asked to comment on reports that israeli jets bombed
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targets inside syria over the last few days. there was no surprise that he did not leap to ended mission, but he did give what some called a tacit admission. >> i cannot admit anything. what happened in syria several days ago, when we say something, we mean it. we do not think that's they should bring advanced systems into government. >> still more to come out of this meeting as the iranians want to start talking again about the nuclear program. >> yes, that came up on sunday as well. the nuclear program has been a big topic here. on saturday joe biden, the u.s.
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president, spoke at a conference here and told the iranians directly in a speech that time was running out for diplomacy talks on the nuclear program and urged them to come back and offered face-to-face talks with iran. on sunday the foreign minister spoke and said the that that offer had been positively received, that iran had no bread lines, provided that the other side gave a fair and realistic intention to resolve the matter, something he said that had been lacking in the past. >> live in munich, jonah, thank you. a look at iraq, 30 people have been killed in an attack on the northern security compound. a suicide attack in the regional capital, kirkuk, police say that they were killed in a firefight.
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jane has this update. >> police have evacuated the governor's office and the council of ministers, as well as a united nations office close to the headquarters. the attack on the headquarters started with a suicide car bomber detonating the car at the gate of the headquarters. that was followed by a gunman wearing suicide vests, trying to storm the building. police say that their security forces shot the gunman dead, but there may be others out there. one official says that one of the targets may have been al qaeda and iraq leaders. the plant -- flinders the possibility for a previous attack, trying to free other prisoners, launching a campaign to free prisoners across the country and attacking security forces in an effort to show that iraqi security forces just cannot keep their people, let alone themselves, say.
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>> britain is hosting a trilateral summit with has a stand. leaders will meet with prime minister cameron. they will be face to face for talks. international forces withdrawing from afghanistan next year, a former u.s. navy seal sniper has been shot dead at a gun range in texas. chris kyl and another man were shot dead at the rough creek shooting what on saturday. he was nicknamed the devil by iraqi rebels. the telling his wartime experiences, he said he killed 160 people. no suspects have been arrested in his death. given the recent gun violence in the u.s., this sort of image, barack obama firing a gun, not what you expected to see, but it was the white house to release
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of this picture, trying to appeal to the powerful gun lobby. tom explains from washington. >> as president obama pushes to tighten gun laws, he tried to calm the fears of enthusiasts. >> i respect the trunk -- a strong could it -- the strong condition of gun ownership -- tradition of gun ownership. >> many gun rights advocates do not trust obama or except his account of practicing skeet shooting at the camp david retreat. >> are there photographs? >> there might be, i have not seen it. >> i have not heard about it. >> when he goes to camp david he goes there to relax. >> saturday the white house issued this single still photo of the president, slobodan -- supposedly blasting away at clay pigeons. said to be -- it was said to have been taken last august.
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no other details were for it -- were given. the nra charge the president with more or less lying about his firearms experience. >> i bet that if you handed him a shot gun, saying here we are, he would not be able to hit anything or figure out how to reload the shotgun. this is the kind of empty rhetoric, the 2013 equivalent of john kerry running for president putting on the camouflaged coat with a sales tax on the back. >> just days before the election, john kerry to ridicule -- regional for appearing in a hunting outfit. there is no way to tell yet how well the president's speech noting -- ski shooting code does to persuade gun owners that he is not out to take their firearms. the white house is not be killed when or if he is going to go
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shooting again -- has not detailed when or if he is going to go shooting again. >> anti-government protesters of being blamed for the attack. >> in the aftermath of friday's angry demonstration here, and outside the presidential palace. it was the action of the security forces that stopped the protests that shocked egyptians. a 23-year-old was killed, and then there was this, a man stripped naked and beaten by security forces before being bundled into a van. >> i cannot bear seeing someone like that. how can someone drag someone else on the ground like that. we are in egypt, the should not be happening. >> this scene was shameful and
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degrading. not only was this man's of naked, but all of the men and youths of egypt were. >> the interior ministry has condemned the actions of the force, saying it was an isolated incident. they said that they would investigate, but stressed that it should not be used to justify more violence. in the latest twist, a man has spoken from his hospital bed, saying the soldiers were actually helping him after he was attacked by protesters who mistook him for police. the prime minister has answered with another call for people to use elections to get what they want. >> i call on the people throughout these incidents to look at the coming elections and prepare for them to get the change that they want. a change to violence is rejected. >> his words may not be enough to stop the protesters who say
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that the government and croat -- government is failing to live up to the expectations of the people. >> speculation is growing that north korea is closer to another nuclear test. the leader has chaired a high- level military meeting where he reportedly made an important decision running security and sovereignty. north korea said that they would go through a nuclear test to protest the sanctions. iran has unveiled a new stealth fighter jet that they claimed to have built on home soil. they have also boasted about space travel after reporting that they sent a monkey into space. critics have found some holes in the story. joe explains. >> this is the newest stealth aircraft from iran. the government says that it is proof of their sophisticated military advances, but it is only meant for self-defense. >> it carries the message of peace, friendship, and brotherhood.
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it is not aimed at using the rights of others, but rather to defend their independence. >> it is the second big announcement from iran this week, marking the anniversary of the 1979 revolution that brought the islamic republic into existence. the first was a monkey that had been launched into space and returned alive. the pictures of the primate returned to earth are noticeably different from those shown before takeoff, which had a distinct red mole over its right eye. government officials said that state media mistakenly circulated and archived images, a justification that has raised eyebrows. >> sending out a two year-old picture? if you cannot get this back accurate -- facts accurate, i doubt that one can be very impressed with your scientific accomplishments. >> with the united states and
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>> top stories once again on al-
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jazeera, the israeli defense minister stopped short of declaring was publicly responsible for the problems in syria. at least 30 people have been killed in an attack on a security compound in northern iraq. the headquarters were targeted by several gunmen. the white house has released a photograph of president obama firing an air gun and just days before he is set to release his gun control package. the gun-control lobby has criticized obama grabbing no experience with guns. campaigning ahead of the general election in kenya, remember the violence from the last election? there are fears that it could happen again. >> at a school for the deaf,
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children read a story promoting peace and tribal unity. the organizers have taken the story to over 300 schools across kenya. five years ago, the children were under -- were amongst those affected by the post-election violence and campaigners said they will suffer again. >> we need to shout a message to our leaders, parents, and friends, that we cannot allow the next generation to pick up on the discrimination that held us back as a society. >> campaigning in nairobi has been peaceful so far. since the last election there is a new constitution that has powered these qualified candidates to resolve to put an end to the violence. but the potential for power has
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divided the country. >> the prime minister in western kenya. he is up against one of the country's richest men. the candidate is considered a possible kingmaker in the election, his peace coalition has strong support among strides and he accuses his rivals a polarizing people. >> the of the coalition's who are competing with us seem to have an ax to grind against each other. we are completely different in the sense that we do not have an ax to grind. >> a student voting for the first time, he says he is disillusioned with politicians
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making election pledges that they cannot keep. >> now they say they will give us 1 million jobs annually? they say they will fight for us, but us is too much of the country. >> kenyan politicians also say that they will not allow violence this time around. kenyans are hoping that this is one promise they actually keep. aljazeera, nairobi. >> the fighting between two arab tribes in western sudan, fast turning into one of the biggest crimes seasons of the year according to united nations officials. violence broke out over dispute around a gold mine. the french president has wrapped up his one day visit to mali, saying that the war's not over and pledging to finish the fight against the rebels, promising to
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rebuild the african nation. there is a belief that the situation cannot be resolve the political dialogue. >> what we have there is a complex situation with multiple layers of actors. there are some very odd numbers being reported right now of al qaeda forces, but the bulk of the crisis started, really, when the people of the north, who had long been marginalized politically and economically, they were actually fighting for greater determination in the future of their lives and the region they live in. i think that it is too quick to oversimplify and say al qaeda forces, we really have to understand the multiple layers of actors. but we do know that this is an insurgency and with insurgencies it is often the long term that we have to look
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at. it is easy to have a victory that seems short but is not often long live. the reality is that this will be an interactive conflict and what we have to recognize is that until there is a political resolution of the crisis there, there cannot be real stability brought to the region. >> the army in pakistan has held a massive funeral for the soldiers killed in a taliban attack on saturday. the taliban says that the attack was in response to a u.s. drone strike from last month. sectarian violence led to dismissal of the local government back in january. the central government has taken over, but she a muslims say that they are still being attacked -- shia muslims say they are still being attacked. >> for these men, there are no words. again the community mourns. this time it was for a police
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officer who shot for being a shia muslim. according to one estimate, over the last 10 years nearly 3000 [indiscernible] shia have been killed in violent acts. every month, the violence continues. january 10, two massive bomb blasts ripped through the streets, killing over 100 people. 86 people have been found and their bodies have been buried, but 17 are still missing and locals say that they will never find them, that their bodies will disburse far too wide in the aftermath of the attack. the rebuilding and damage is still clear from the grief felt by this community. >> this family knows what loss feels like. they gathered for our camera, two generations gathered in grief. she broke down when she heard the news, followed by even more
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tragedy. >> my mother was still upset. we just tried to look after her. she was up all night thinking that he was injured. when she found out that he was dead, she died on the spot. i am so angry at the people who did this to us. >> the people lived in fear, fear that there will be more attacks, fear that as it happened in the past, their children will be pulled off the buses and shot. offshoots of certain groups have claimed responsibility for these attacks, while local leaders are careful not to name the groups, but said that if things do not change, results could tear pakistan apart. >> everyone knows that we are definitely a peaceful and education oriented people. we are a peaceful people and
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never want to be involved in such activities. so, for how long should be be in fear? >> for the people here it is not -- it is a civil war remembrances that signifies that the people by the violence. 10 years ago there was scarcely a flag, today the flags grow in numbers. >> more than 100 homes have been destroyed after a sudden fire in bangladesh. firefighters took one hour to bring the blaze under control. israeli police fired tear gas at palestinian protesters in the occupied west bank. demonstrators set up tents in different areas of the territory in an effort to stop the building of a settlement. israel said that their army only responded after the soldiers were attacked by palestinians throwing stones. rebels have agreed to hold
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talks in china following months of heavy fighting in the north of the country. so far they have failed to reach any kind of truce. france is now one step closer to wreak -- to legalizing same-sex marriage. they voted to drop the legal language that required marriage to be between two people of the opposite sex. protests have been held in paris against the move. it will need to hit the french senate before getting through. the gay community in taiwan is pushing the government to legalize same-sex marriage, saying it could lead to a rise in a rights in asia. >> following tradition has always been important, but equally important has been the need to be open about their same-sex relationship. the clash between love and a conservative asian culture cast
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a shadow over the couple until last year, when there temple agreed to marry them in a buddhist ceremony. largely symbolic and not legal, it was the first ever such event allowed in taiwan. >> we are very happy to have been made -- and to have been married in such a dignified place. >> as of late, the gay and lesbian community in taiwan has become more vocal about their rights. there is evidence now that the public is behind them. like its dynamic skyline, this is one of asia's most dynamic democracies. when it comes to same-sex marriage, recent public opinion polls suggest that a vast majority of people support the idea of legalizing gay marriage. >> this man disagrees. representing religious and civil society groups, he says the polls may say one thing, but
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most taiwanese are not ready to accept it. >> this issue has not been discussed in depth. if you look at our long history, it has never been approved. we should think twice about moving too fast. >> nelson's partner cent -- spent two years suing the courts for partnership recognition. with legal costs mounting, the have recently given up. there has been an accusation of stalling. >> i believe that there is still a ways to go for change. even though we had a public hearing and the government has done research, they still say they need more time to study the issue. >> she and her partner remained optimistic, believing momentum shifting in favor of the community. >> the good thing is that society has started to debate this. soon i believe that same-sex marriage will be approved. >> even as they wait, the famous
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strides made have been progress enough, giving them the space to publicly embrace their relationship. al-jazeera, tie 1. >> emerging technologies are changing the ways that we get our entertainment, but not for everyone. 40 years since television was transmitted in color, new figures show the 20,000 homes still enjoy their programs in black and white. not so bad, is it? part of our ongoing series of not so obsolete technologies around the world. >> the main issues in europe today -- >> do not adjust your television, do not worry, there is nothing wrong. john thompson just prefers television in black and white. >> it somehow has more importance to it, it seems less trivial as there are more and
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more channels, to sit down and watch a vintage black-and-white television seems as if you are doing something special. >> john is not alone, 13,000 people in britain are tuning in. >> in britain you must pay a television tax. a black-and-white television like this, you would have a license that would cost $78, as opposed to hundred $30 for color. >> some of these sets in south london date back to 1936. there were only a handful, only the rich could afford them. which is dangerous. >> much of the early televisions did not catch fire. -- but to the early televisions kept fire, -- caught fire -- much of the early televisions caught fire, they would overheat. >> many people listen to their radios for the coronation of
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queen elizabeth ii, but then the television craze really kicked off. caller i arrived in the 1960's and most of the world has never -- colors are arrived in the 1960's and most of the world has never looked back. >> we are determined as a group that what has come before should not be lost. >> he and his fellow enthusiasts are trying to get the old gear are trying to get the old gear up and
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